Adopting to challenges – Announcing our 5th Edition.

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Community Runs – 7 March 2021

(5K – Run in your / nearest community)

Gachibowli Run – 14 March 2021

(5K / 10K / 21K – Run in Stadium)

Run for Girl Child is the annual fund raising marathon event happening in Hyderabad to support Kishori Vikas – unique initiative of Seva Bharathi, Telangana. 

Info about Run For A Girl Child – 4th Edition


Mission to empower 10K girl’s.



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Event Info

  • Participate in the Community/Cluster Run which is scheduled on 7th March 2021, and Run at Gachibowli Stadium event is scheduled on 14th March, 2021 which is physical run event and also Digital event is going to be conducted between 1st March to 14th March, 2021 conducted in Telangana state.


  • Event Format:
    • Run at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad
    • Community/Cluster Run OR Digital Run – Digital on LifeCykul App. i.e. App Store OR Play Store
    • Participants run at the place of their choice starting before 8am & ending before 2PM
  • The Run Schedules are as follows:
    • Run at Gachibowli Stadium – 5k, 10k, 21k – 14th March (Sunday)
    • Community/Cluster Run – 5k – 7th March (Sunday)
    • Digital Run – 1st March to 14th March
  • Registration Charges / Donations
    • Run at Gachibowli Stadium: 5k- Rs. 600/-, 10K and 21K – Rs. 1000/-
    • Digital Run OR Community/Cluster Run: 5K, 10K, & 21K – Rs. 500/-
  • Distance choices are 5K, 10K, & 21K
    • Both Walking & Running allowed in all distance formats
  • Runners receive:
    • T-Shirt, Medal, e-Medal, & e-Certificate
    • A wide range of goodies/gifts
  • Run can be tracked on many trackers –
    • LifeCykul, AppleWatch, GoogleFit, FitBit, Strava, etc.

Run For A Girl Child – so far!


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About Seva Bharathi

Seva Bharathi came into being in 1984. Over the years, it has come a long way in servicing its avowed objective. The modest move has culminated into a massive movement. The humble foundation has flowered into a mammoth institution. Today, Seva Bharathi has its presence spread across the entire country with an extensive range of charitable and community development activities. Set up in 1989 with moderate means and a canvas of activities, it has grown into an expansive network across Telangana. There are around 1,57,000 activities in all the 602 districts of the country.


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